The Medieval Surgeon

Last Thursday we here in the States celebrated Thanksgiving. It is my absolute favorite holiday. All of my favorite foods are served in one glorious meal. Naps are fully expected. And it is the one day a year when people are (in theory) more inclined to be thankful than critical. I have a lot to […]

The Medieval Vajayjay

Believe it or not, when I set out to write this post, I didn’t have vaginas on my mind. I had planned on doing a medieval health and beauty post. I had a lot of fun trying out recipes for medieval hair dye and hair scenting powder in the past. I figured I’d do something along those lines. […]

Medieval Almond Milk Butter

A friend of mine recently decided to go vegan. My first reaction was to shudder and stare at him in horror as I imagined a life without cheese and butter and ice-cream. But on the drive home, as I sipped on my coffee with extra cream, I started mentally going through my rolodex of recipes, […]

Misconceptions about Medieval Marriage

This weekend one of my very best friends got married, and he and his beautiful wife did me the great honor of asking me to officiate the ceremony. With marriage on the brain, I figured what better topic for this week’s post than medieval weddings. After scouring old notes and reading a lovely dissertation, I […]