Prostitution in the Middle Ages

“Call a jack a jack. Call a spade a spade. But always call a whore a lady.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind As many of you know, I created this blog as a way to share what I’ve learned about the Middle Ages while researching for my novel Beneath the Destined Stone. The chapter I’m […]

Medieval Hair Dye

  You know I’m dedicated to this blog, but I wasn’t about to trust the Middle Ages when it came to hair dye. Not with my hair. I’m not insane. Still, I wanted to try it out. I tried to con a few close friends into letting me do it to them. No luck. They’re […]

Alewife for a Day: A Guide to Medieval Home Brew

“Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them.” — Queen Victoria, English Monarch, 1819-1901 I love the moxie of this photo. An adorable toddler advertising stout–priceless! But if you were living in the Middle Ages, the joke would have been lost on you. Why? […]

Medieval Barley Bread Recipe

If I knew half as much about websites as I do about history, you wouldn’t be seeing this post. I just learned about a plugin that would make my recipes all shiny and pretty and printable. So I decided to give it a try. This recipe was included in an earlier post, along with a […]

I’ve gone rogue

Hi everyone. I’ve moved to a self-hosted site and in the process lost all of you great subscribers. If you enjoy my blog, please stop by and subscribe via e-mail so you can continue to receive post updates. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Let Them Eat…Plates?

My husband and I once went to one of those medieval tournament shows. You know the kind–theatrical jousting, $15 drinks served in plastic chalices, and giant turkey legs dripping with grease.  We were doubtless having more fun than our server, a spotty young man forced to parade around in a spandex jester’s uniform. But I […]