“Policing” the Medieval Village

After sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss, my husband and I opened our front door and listened to the sounds of drunken revelers shooting their guns into the air…only in America. Every year I wonder what happens to all those bullets. Is some poor sap walking down the street getting pelted in the head with […]

Caudell: Medieval Egg nog

I love egg nog…a lot. Come December, I turn into an egg nog junkie. I lurk in dark alleys with a bottle of Hartzlers (the good stuff) wrapped in a brown paper bag, yelling at passersby, “I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough.” And this is without adding rum… I like to think the main […]

Season’s Beatings: the Medieval Naughty List

There is a war on Christmas…beatings. That’s right. We are losing the true Christmas spirit of violence set forth by our ancestors. If history has taught us anything, it is that the best way to control our children is to terrify them with stories of horrific monsters and then beat them soundly. And what better […]

Gingerbread Medieval Style

Christmas is right around the corner, and we all know what that means–cookie time! So for today’s post, I decided to try out a recipe for medieval gingerbread. I found this recipe on the Gode Cookery website. The interesting thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t actually call for ginger. The website’s author notes that […]

The Medieval Surgeon

Last Thursday we here in the States celebrated Thanksgiving. It is my absolute favorite holiday. All of my favorite foods are served in one glorious meal. Naps are fully expected. And it is the one day a year when people are (in theory) more inclined to be thankful than critical. I have a lot to […]

The Medieval Vajayjay

Believe it or not, when I set out to write this post, I didn’t have vaginas on my mind. I had planned on doing a medieval health and beauty post. I had a lot of fun trying out recipes for medieval hair dye and hair scenting powder in the past. I figured I’d do something along those lines. […]

Medieval Almond Milk Butter

A friend of mine recently decided to go vegan. My first reaction was to shudder and stare at him in horror as I imagined a life without cheese and butter and ice-cream. But on the drive home, as I sipped on my coffee with extra cream, I started mentally going through my rolodex of recipes, […]